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WIP With A Twist!!

Good morning my lovelies!!

I have a little competition for you all today, and just to give you all extra chances of wining I’m running it for the whole month of November!  AND I’m giving you all as many guesses as you want!  Fun right?

Okay, so this is my WIP (Work In Progress for those of you that are still wondering and are too shy to ask.  Smiles.)


What do you all think to the colours?  I’m hoping you think they’re pretty like I do! ;0)

This is a BRAND NEW pattern which I have designed, and so far I have frogged it twice.. laughing.. but at least now I am 100% sure that all of my measurements are correct in ALL of the sizes.  Ho hum!


Here’s a close up of the stitches I’m using… Honestly I am so excited to actually see this finished I’m spending every spare moment crocheting!

Now what I’m offering to the lucky WINNERS (note the plural there guys) is a FREE pattern of YOUR CHOICE from my Store Here.  Just click on the Crochet Pattern Category and you’re away!

Okay, in order to be in with a (very good) chance of winning, here’s what I want you to do!

Guess what I’m making!

Yup! That simple.  Just guess what my WIP is.  Smiles.

Take as many looks as you need at my two pics up there, and place your guesses in the comment section of this post.

Also, the other (tiny) thing I ask you to do is to join my Fun and Friendly Crochet Group on Facebook here. And to like my Kernow Designs Facebook page here.

That’s it! Nice and simple and a good bit of fun too!

I can’t wait to see what all of your guesses are!

Hugs n Happy ‘Crafting Everyone!


HOTH on Friday!!

Okay, so it isn’t technically  Friday.

And it isn’t technically  Crochet either so I know that it isn’t Hot Off The Hook! (Doh!.) :0)

But I wanted to show you this anyway!! Smiles.


I just love this Cowl so very much!!

It is soft and super warm and those purples!!! Perfect for perking up any winter’s day! ;0)


I created this beauty by weaving…

With my hands !!!

How cool is that?!  Big smiles.

Honestly I am so over the moon with how well this turned out I’m doing a little happy dance while I type.  (Okay so maybe a slight exaggeration there!)

Anyway, if you would love to own this for yourself just hop on over to my store.

I came across this wonderful CRAFT blog the other day, which kinda inspired me to give this new (to me) technique a go.  And I am so very glad that I did!  Smiles.

Big hugs n happy crafting everyone!


Free Crochet Pattern For Boot Cuffs!

Hello!  Hello!  Hello!

How are you all today?  Having a good weekend I hope.

I’m giving you all a little treat this afternoon…

A free pattern for these wonderful boot cuffs I have designed!  Smiles.


I created them to match the fingerless mitts, hat and collar style infinity scarf which you can find in my Etsy Store.

I have one more thing which I’m  working on and then I promise no more basket weave stuff for a while.. (ho hum…)  I’ve kinda been a little addicted to creating it..   I LOVE IT!!

Anyway… onto the FREE pattern!!


These boot cuffs are worked in the round with no seaming needed. You join the rounds using slip stitch.




Small.  Medium.  Large.

(Medium & Large instructions given in brackets.)


1 x 100g Ball Rustic Aran Tweed by James C Brett. (20% Wool. 77% Acrylic. 3% Viscose. Fully machine washable.)

K10.75/7mm Crochet Hook. (Or size needed to obtain correct guage.).

Yarn needle.

Abbreviations & Translations

FDC = Foundation Double Crochet (U.S.)

SK = Skip Stitches.

ST(S) = Stitch(es).

Sl St = Slip Stitch.

BPDC = Back Post Double Crochet.

FPDC = Front Post Double Crochet.

DC2Tog = Double Crochet Two Together.

YO = Yarn Over.

Please note that this pattern uses the US stitch terms, I have provided a conversion chart for you below.


Special Stitches

Bpdc:- Yo, insert hook from back to front and then to back again around the post of the indicated st. Yo and draw a loop onto hook, [yo and draw through two loops on hook.] twice.

Fpdc:- Yo, insert hook from front to back and then to front again around the post of the indicated stitch. Yo and draw a loop onto hook, [yo and draw through two loops on hook] twice.

Dc2tog:- Yo, insert hook into st (as per instructions) Yo, draw up a loop onto hook, Yo and draw through two loops on hook. Yo, insert hook in NEXT st. Yo, draw up a loop. Yo, draw through two loops on hook. Yo, draw through remaining three loops on hook.

Main Pattern:-

Rnd 1 – Fdc 29 (33. 37.) Join with a sl st to top of first FDC.

Rnd 2 – Ch2 (Does not count as first st now or throughout.) 4Fpdc, 4Bpdc to end. Join.

Rnd 3 – Ch2. Fpdc into all front post sts (Front facing.) Bpdc into all back post sts (Back facing.) Join.

Rnd 4 – Work as given for Row 3.

Rnd 5 – Ch2. Bpdc into all Front Post Sts. Fpdc into all Back post sts. (You are working in opposites. This is where you alternate your basket weave pattern.)

Rnds 6 & 7 – Work as given for row 3.

Rep rows 5 to 7 one more time.

Next rnd – Ch3 (still not first stitch.) Dc around. Join.

Rep 4 more rows of DC.

Next 4 rows – Work as given for previous four rows, but DC2TOG in the first 2sts of every row. Bind off.


Weave in all ends.

Voila! Your boot cuffs are done! Smiles.


I hope you enjoy creating my lovely, warm boot cuff design

 I would really love to see what you create with it!

Hugs n Happy Crafting!