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Brand New Copic Sketch Markers For Sale!

Edited to say Thank you for such a great response. These pens are now sold! 😊😊

Hello everyone!

Two posts in one day, when I haven’t posted in over a year. What is happening with the world? Grins. Smile

I am just quickly letting you know that I have this full set (358) of Copic Sketch Markers, in the metal case, for sale.


Copic Sketch Markers Full Set


They are brand new and unused, and are currently listed on Ebay for £1950.

This price includes insurance to the full value of these pens (RRP £3085.) and also 48 hour courier delivery.

If I sell away from Ebay I can drop the price to as low as £1870.

Again this includes courier and insurance.

If you wish to purchase them for less, I can send them with minimal insurance, which covers to a value of £1000 only. (Only if not selling through Ebay.) But this would be at your own risk.  This would drop the price again to £1790. But it would only cover you for £1000 on purchase protection during shipping.

I am making a small loss at these prices,  but I would rather they went to a good home, instead of gathering dust here.

If you are fairly local to Cornwall then you also have the option of collecting in person, which means you can save even more on the price. Email me for details.

Simply contact me on kraftykaren99 at if you would like more information.

I am also offering these on Facebook, and they are on the Copics UK group too, so if you want them, don’t hang around as you might miss out.

If you are outside of the UK I am unable to ship due to restrictions. I’m so sorry, this is beyond my control.

I bought the full set to replace the others which I used to have, thinking that I would get back into colouring the way I used to, but it simply hasn’t happened.  I have found instead that my Crochet is taking me to exciting new places and I’m loving the journey so far! Big smiles.

Thank you for stopping by today.

Hugs n Happy Crafting Everyone!


A New Crochet Pattern It Seems I Am Back!

Hello everyone!

And a very happy Monday to you all.

I am so pleased to be sat here designing and creating again. It seems like forever since I last did that!

Life well and truly got in the way, and knocked me more than just a little sideways there.

Today I am showing you my brand new “Chill Cardi” design.

Cardi Close Up

I have called it Purple Heather because the colours remind me so much of just that. Smiles.

Purple Heather Chill Cardi BackView

This is the back view, which gives a much better feel for these beautiful colours.

The yarn I used to create my Purple Heather Chill Cardi, is Stylecraft Batik Swirl in Purple Mist.  It is a double knit weight yarn which is actually quite thick and so soft & easy to work with.  I loved every minute of creating this!

Purple Heather Chill Cardi Side View

The actual stitch pattern is a simple Treble (US Double Crochet) row, and a Chain row with Trebles after that.

Purple Heather Chill Cardi Front View

I also worked into front and back loops for added texture, which is how that lovely ridge effect happens.  It was so quick and simple to do, yet looks so effective when it’s all put together.

You can find this pattern on both Ravelry and Etsy.

You can also follow me on Instagram, and there is a Facebook group too, where you can see what I’m creating, and also where you can share your own makes etc.  It is a fun and friendly little group and you are very welcome to join us there. Smile

Hugs & Happy Crafting Everyone!