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A Basket Case!


My very first blog post for Kernow Designs!  Smiles.

(Yes…. it DOES feel amazing!!!) 

So I thought (and thought!) about what I should write about for my  (all important) very first post.

And I figured that as I’m currently addicted to crocheting nothing but items created using the gorgeously Bold & Beautiful Basket Stitch, it would make perfect sense to give you all a little tute.

So here it is!  ….

….  Right, to start, let’s imagine that you have done your Foundation Double Crochet Row (tutorial to follow shortly if you don’t know how!) or your Chain plus Double Crochet Row…

You’ve turned your work, and you have chained 2.  (You only ever need to ch2 when working around the posts, as you are working lower down and so you don’t need all that height that a ch3 gives you.)  Trust me, you’ll see! 

Okay so you’ve done all that, and you’re ready to begin your first row of “Basket Stitch.”

You’ve chained two and your hook is poised, you need to work FOUR stitches of Front Post Double Crochet (Fpdc) and FOUR stitches of Back Post Double Crochet (Bpdc) worked over three rows.

To create your Fpdc you need to insert your hook around the post (not under those “v”s.)

close up of space between posts edit2

Take a look.. it’s not that hard really… Especially if you use a chunky (heavy weight) wool and a large hook size to learn with.  It makes everything so much easier to see .. the spaces, the posts, everything! Smiles.

close up of space between posts edit

Okay, feeling confident?  Great! So, yarn over – Now insert that hook!!

close up of Fpdc edit

Pull your hook through and draw up a loop.  Yarn over and pull through two loops on hook (like you would for a normal DC.)  Yarn over and pull through last two loops on hook.

That’s it!  Your Fpdc is complete!  Now do this across 3 more stitches.

Done?  Yay!  You’re ready for your Bpdc stitches now.

close up of Bpdc1 edit

Can you see above how inserting my hook from back to front to back again has pushed that post stitch to the back of my work?  This is why you get that lovely horizontal stitch.  Easy isn’t it?!

Do exactly as you did for your Fpdc stitches, yarn over, insert hook (from back to front to back again) yarn over, draw up a loop, yarn over draw through two loops on hook, yarn over draw through final two loops on your hook!

Done?  Great, now do this for 3 more times.  Work four stitches each of Fpdc and Bpdc alternately until you have reached the end of your row.  Turn.

Ch2, Fpdc into all of your FRONT facing stitches.  Bpdc into all of your BACK facing stitches.  See those vertical lines?  You need to Fpdc into those.

See those horizontal lines?  You need to Bpdc into those.

Is it starting to look like these two pics?  (Below.)

front post vertical stitches

Your front post stiches should look like this after two rows.

back post horizontal stitches

Your back post stitches should look like this after two rows.


Okay, so now you have completed two rows.

For your third row work exactly the same as you just did for your row two.



Now, your fourth row will be different, because this is where your pattern repeat changes and you have a new set of three rows of pattern to begin.

So for this you need to work in opposites.

See those vertical lines?  You need to Bpdc in them.  See those horizontal lines?  You need to Fpdc in them.

So you are working Back Post Double Crochet into your FRONT facing stitches, and you are working Front Post Double Crochet into your BACK facine stitches.


So for your 5th and 6th rows, you will work as you did on your second row… Bpdc into your horizontal (back facing) stitches.

Front post into your vertical (front facing) stitches.

What you’re aiming for is for  it to look like this…


This is after completing 8 rows of pattern repeat.

Oh, I almost forgot!  Here’s a little tip for always knowing exactly where you are within your pattern rows:-

row countinghr

With this Basket Weave Pattern, each row worked will give you three lovely horizonhatal lines of stitch.  Now how cool is that?!

So far I have created three and a half items using this gorgeous basket weave stitch.

I have made a Collar style Infinity Scarf.

I have made a matching pair of (really cool!!) Fingerless Mitts.

And I have made a FABULOUS hat!! But hey, my model wasn’t feeling well so I’m torn between waiting until she feels better, or actually (shock, horror!!) modelling the hat myself!  Lol.  Either way it will be on my blog and in my Etsy Store very soon.

Also I’m half way through creating a fourth matching item/accessory.. so watch this space!  Smiles..

Actually, I think that when I upload my hat to the blog and store, I will pop up a little freebie offer too! 

Why?  Because I’m nice like that!

Well I really do hope that my first post and tutorial has kept you entertained.

And I really hope that I didn’t lose you along the way with my (clear as mud) step by step instructions. 

And I really, really hope that you will come follow me and hit the Facebook like button too!

Why?  Because I’m brand new and so it feels a little lonely on here at the moment. Smiles.

Big hugs and happy hooking!