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Waving Goodbye To October

Hello everyone!

This post is all about waving Goodbye to October, and looking ahead to November and making a pledge (to myself) that I am going to get the Stormtrooper blanket finished this next month.


I first began this back in April of LAST year!! (I know. I know.) We owned a pub, and life got very busy, then it got packed away and fogotten about. And when we moved I found it again.

And ever since September, I have been making LOTS and LOTS of these little squares, all in Black and White and Graphite and Grey.

Every now and again, I have to take a break and work with COLOUR again.  Grins.

Hence the very productive October I have had.


As you can see, I have managed to fit quite a lot of colour in too! Smiles.

The bottom right is the dreaded blanket.

The centre square is a little something to add a smile.

The middle left is my all time favourite make from the whole year, and you can find the blog post (and pattern links) here.

The hook roll (top middle) is the design I created for The Monthly Variety Box.  I’m the designer for that one in both March and November next year too, and I feel so excited to be a part of it.

Hayley is thinking of starting a monthly Mini box too, so it’s always worth clicking the link, and popping over to take a look.

Bottom middle is the #butterflypocket which I designed FREE for the charity #uponbutterflywings.  You can find out more (and grab the pattern download links) here.

I’m looking forward to November, I have the #beadedmittens pattern to finalise (it’s with my testers now) as well as the fingerless gloves.

I will be releasing the #prettypastelshookroll pattern for general sale this weekend.

And I WILL FINISH THAT STORMTROOPER BLANKET (Just watch this space!)  Smiles.

Wishing you all a very happy Halloween.

Collage 2018-10-31 09_08_16

Here’s a little square to frighten you with. :0)

Hugs & Happy Crafting Everyone!


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Your New Favourite Sweater (Of All Time!)

Hello everyone!

I’m smiling here, as I type the title of this blog post, and think of the name that I have given my newest crochet sweater.tucked under closer

I decided on “Your Favourite Sweater” because I know that it will be just that! :0)

I made this sweater in under 6 hours, and the only way to describe it, is to say that it’s like walking around, wrapped in your favourite blanket (without looking as silly as you would if you actually did that!)


The forecasters are telling us all to expect a big arctic freeze after this coming weekend.  Well, I’m certainly ready for it with this wonderfully warm sweater! :0)

To create this fabulously warm, quick, simply, no fuss, AWESOME sweater for yourself, all you need are the following;

Your Favourite Sweater Pattern – Found on Love CrochetRavelryEtsy

A 10mm Crochet Hook

Stylecraft Special XL Chunky Yarn.

I LOVE this yarn so much I can’t even tell you.  It is so THICK.  So very SOFT and QUICK to work with.  And the colour choices are rather nice too!  Smiles.

untucked closer

I designed this sweater with a crop version in mind, where it is just perfect for wearing over a vest top of tee.

You can either wear it “down” (shown above) or wear it tucked under (shown below.)

tucked under closer

Personally I prefer it tucked under, but I do love that I have the option to wear it any way that I feel comfortable with.

Zahra sweater

The sweater above, was made by one of my lovely pattern testers, Zahra. And I just adore the colours that she chose.

Zahra loved the fit of this sweater, and said it was amazing!  This truly is a quick, simply, no fuss sweater to make, and I cannot wait to see all of your lovely creations with this pattern.  :0)

Hugs & Happy Crafting Everyone!


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