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Valentine Pocket Letter..

… I wonder who will receive this?! Tee hee.

Hello everyone!

It’s the 1st of the month (already! Wow!) and that means a brand new challenge over at Faery Ink in our Facebook Group.


Our challenge for this month is to create a Pocket Letter.  Now I know that this may be off putting to some of you if you have never made one before. But they are so very simple to do.

This one here, is only my second try, and I have even added a step by step tutorial for you.  Honestly, it really is simple and fun! Smiles.

(Above is the front of my pocket letter.)


And this is the back of my pocket letter.

(The back is now filled with goodies ready to be sent out. I’m not showing this because I don’t want it to be spoiled by the recipient.)


These are the images I used for my Pocket Letter. They are all from the Faery Ink Store.  From left to right they are:-

Arielle Love Faery, Honey Faery GodmotherLots O Love Gabbie.

To bring them all to life, I used my Copics in these shades:-



Cheek Blush

Cheek Blush.

Black Hair

Black Hair.

Teal Hair

Teal Hair.

Mermaid Top & Flower

Mermaid Top & Flower.







I added silver stickles to the Faery Godmother Wings, and white dots (using my pigment pen) to the Arielle Love Faery Wings.


I truly hope that you can come join us in this month’s Pocket Letter Challenge, it is always such a pleasure seeing everyone’s creations.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.

Hugs & Happy Crafting Everyone!


(Your step by step instructions are below.)

1. Start up Serif Craft Artist and select Blank Project.


2. On the next screen select A4 Portrait.


3. In your work area, select shapes then click on Rectangles.


4. Draw a rectangle and make it measure 2.5” x 3.5”. Next go to Tools, and select Replicate. Your columns and rows need to be 3 each.


5. Now you have your grid to use as a guide for placing your images. You need to drag your cursor from the top of the page to the bottom to highlight all of the boxes, then right click and select Group.


6. Now go to Photos on your left side bar, add the background paper or pattern that you want to use. Drag it over your grid. Resize it to fit your grid perfectly. Then right click and select Order Items, then select Send To Back.


7. Now group your grid and background together (as you did in step 5 to highlight the whole thing.) Now you can begin dragging your images from your photos on the left hand side, onto your work area.


8. Drag them onto your work area one by one, and resize them to fit in the boxes. Before resizing make sure that the little blue line connects the H & W boxes (bottom right of your screen) as this will ensure your image does not distort when you resize it.


9. If any of the images you want to use are JPEG and have a white background, you will need to highlight the image and then select Cut Out Studio on your top navigation bar. Once the Cut Out Studio is open, you can remove the background from around your image. If you look on the left hand side in my picture, you will see that I have the eraser and the clear background options selected. As you add each image, and you have resized and placed correctly, you will need to right click each one and select Order Items, then Bring To Front. This keeps your background firmly at the back and all of your images visible.


10. Now it is time to add your text. If you want to add a sentiment of your own, then you’ll need to go to Text in the top navigation bar. Select your font and font size, then type the wording you want. Resize the text once you are done, so that it fits in your box. You can rotate your text too so that you have more options on making it fit.


11. An easy way to rotate your images, is to hover your cursor over the little circle on the stick coming out the top highlight box around your selected image. Can you see the small curved line in the picture? This allows you to rotate in either direction.


12. You can resize in a similar way, by hovering your cursor over one of the little boxes in the corners of your highlight box.


13. If you want to duplicate an image or sentiment in another grid box, simply highlight the item you wish to duplicate. Right click and select Copy. Then right click and select Paste. You can now drag your duplicated item anywhere on your page.


14. Once everything is added you need to highlight all of your work and group everything together. Now go to your bottom navigation bar and select Add Page. This is where you will design your background.


15. Now design your grid and your background as you did on your first page. Group it all together. You can now begin adding your sentiments/designs onto your back page.


16. Once you have resized and placed your sentiment, right click and select Order Items, then select Bring To Front. When you are done, highlight your sentiment.


17. Now go to your top navigation bar and select Format, then Filter Effect.


18. Check the box for Drop Shadow. In the large box you will see a colour bar drop down box. Choose a medium grey from this. Do the same now for Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, Outline and Bevel & Emboss. Again you need to change the colour to medium grey when completing each option. When you have completed all of the steps shown in the photo, click Ok.


19. Next, go to shapes in your top navigation bar, and select the heart. Draw a large one and a small one in your grid box. Copy each one in turn and paste them to where you want them on your page. Remember you can easily rotate them to suit also, as described in step 11.


20. Now you have your sentiment and hearts all placed, it is time to go back into Format to alter their appearance. First you need to highlight your sentiment, then go to Format, Line Colour, and then choose White. Now with your sentiment still highlighted, go to Format, then Filter Effects. I want you to follow the steps you did before in step 18. But before clicking Ok you need to also check the boxes for 3D Effects & 3D Lighting.


21. You should now be looking like this, and ready to print your work. Don’t print double sided, make sure you use two pieces of card. Because when you begin colouring your images (if using markers) the colour WILL bleed through to the back of your work!


Once the front page is all coloured up, glue it to the back page (plain sides facing.) Now use your grid lines to easily cut your ATC sized creations and place them in your pockets. All that’s left to do now, is to add your little trinkets/crafty items to the back of each pocket, and the letter to your recipient in the back of the middle pocket.


And that’s it! Smiles.

Don’t forget to come join us in the Faery Ink Facebook Group.  It is such a fun, friendly place to be, and is full of great challenges, inspiration, and Freebies too! Smiles.

The challenges I am entering my Valentine Pocket Letter into are:-

1.  A Gem Of A Challenge – Lots Of Pink Please!

2.  Addicted To CAS – Code Word RED.

3.  Brown Sugar – Anything Goes.

4.  My Time To Craft – Love Is All Around.

5.  Wags N Whiskers – With Love.

If I Had Just Three Wishes!

Hello everyone and a very  happy Saturday to you all.

Today I am showing something a little different.  There is no colouring, but still lots of work involved.


I made a Comic Strip with one of the fabulous new templates from Scrapper’s Delights.


I loved doing this and I have to say it was amazingly easy to do, just a little time consuming.

Glitter Centre

I added my Stickles Glitter Glue to the centre..

Sparkly Wings

And to the Fairy Wings too.

Main 1

The background I have used, is an old digital paper, from a company that no longer exists.

But you can use any digital background you like for this.

Either that or you can leave it with no background, and print everything onto a background card.


I created this Comic Strip for a very special person who is absent, yet thought of every single day.  I’m hoping she will smile lots when this arrives.


If you would like to see how easy it is to add all of the layers to one of these fabulous Comic Strip Templates, then just follow the instructions below.

Step By Step Instructions.

1. Open up your Serif Craft Artist 2 program, go to Blank Document & Click on A4 Portrait.


Now go to your left side bar when it says Photos and click Add.

Add your comic strip template. Go to the bottom right and click Transform. Resize it to 8” x 8”.


2. Now go to your top navigation bar and (with your comic strip selected) click on Cut Out Studio.

You need to remove ALL of the areas within EACH box. So that it becomes PNG instead of JPG. This way you can add any background that you want.

When all of your boxes are clear, click OK to return to your main page.


3. Now go back to Add Photos and import the design paper or background which you want to use.


4. Lay it over your comic and make it the same size. Right click on the background and select Order Items, then Send To Back. Now you can see your Comic Strip again.

(For the purpose of this tutorial I made my background layer invisible, but right now your design will be showing the comic in front and your background behind.) So I want you to click/hold and drag with your mouse, from the top of your page to the bottom, so that your whole thing is highlighted. Now right click and select Group.


5. Now you’re ready to begin adding all of your sentiments and imags to your comic strip. Go to photos again and click Add. I found it easier to add my images first, then my sentiments last. But you can do it any way you like. Now bring your first image across, in my case this was the Magic Dust from the Beauty In All Things Set. Resize this and rotate it so that it fits nicely in the box.

NOTE – How To Resize & Rotate:-

See those boxes at either corner of the box around your image? Hover your cursor over any one of those and drag your mouse using the click hold & drag technique.

To rotate – See that circle on a stick coming out of your highlight box? Hover your cursor over that and a curved line will appear. By click hold & dragging you can move your cursor and rotate your image as much or as little as you want.


6. When it’s the perfect size, right click and select Copy.


7. Now right click and select Paste. You can now drag a copy and place it in the bottom right corner of our comic strip.


8. As in the photograph, if you want to flip the Magic Dust to make it fit your layout/box better, simply click arrange in the bottom right of the screen, then click the upright triangle and it will flip your image for you.


9. Now bring your next image on to the work area. In my case it is the Fairy from the same set as the Magic Dust. Once she is placed, she will need bringing to the front, so that the comic strip lines aren’t over the front of her. To do this, right click and select Order Items, and then select Bring To Front.


10. Now bring your Circle Sentiment (from the Just To Say Sentiment Set) onto your work area. Drag it over the centre circle on the comic strip, and then resize the sentiment circle so that it’s a perfect fit on top of the comic circle. Next, right click and select Order Items, then select Send Back One.


11. Your fairy is now infront of your circle sentiment. Now you can add the Fairy Image (from the I Believe In Fairies Set) to the bottom left of your Comic Strip.

12. Now fill up the rest of your boxes in exactly the same way. Remember to right click and select Order Items & Bring Forward One if you need your additions to sit in front of your Comic Strip Template Lines.


13. When you add the three wishes (numbered 1.2.3) you will need to right click and select Order Items, BUT this time you will need to select Send Back One. This will ensure the dotted lines sit behind your centre circle.


14. To add text to your three wishes go to the top navigation bar and click on Text Tool.


15. Choose your font, font size and whether you want Italics and Bold. Then add your wishes to each of the three wish lines.


16. Now highlight everything together (by click hold and dragging your cursor from the top of your page to the bottom) and then right click and select Group.


17. That’s it! You are now finished and ready to print! Smiles.

I think it was harder to write the step by step than to actually create the comic strip and all of it’s layers on the computer! Laughing.

DIGI SETS USED – All From Scrapper’s Delights:-

Beauty In All Things.

I Believe In Fairies.

Just To Say Sentiments. (Circle.)

Genie Sentiments. (1, 2 and 3.)

(You can find the comic strip section here.)

Thank you so much for stopping by today.

Hugs & Happy Crafting Everyone!


With All My Heart.

Hello everyone and a very happy Wednesday to you all!

I am very happy to be showing you this card today, because it has ALL of my favourite things on it! Smiles.


I love this!! Tee hee..

The gorgeous, gorgeous image is brand new, it is called Knitting A Heart and will be available in rubber from January 8th, from Crafty Sentiments Designs.

Yes.. It was love at first sight!


To bring Knitting A Heart to life, I used my Copics in these shades:-

Bean Bag

Bean Bag.



knitting and yarn balls and top

Knitting, Yarn Balls, Hair Bow & Blouse.

Knitting Needles

Knitting Needles.





Fancy Heart Border

The beautiful heart border, I created with my Heart Border Die, also from Crafty Sentiments Designs.


My design paper is Echo Park – Be Mine. And the Scalloped Heart is from Whimsy Stamps.

The Love You With All My Heart Stamp is from Kraftin Kimmie. And is from their Love Story Sentiments Clear Stamp Set. To stamp it I used my Tim Holtz Distress Ink – Barn Door.

step one

To create this shaker card, I first coloured my image, then fussy cut around it.

step two

Next I cut out three hearts. 2 from white card stock, and 1 from white fun foam.

step three

Then I cut the insides out to give myself a heart frame for the top of the shaker.

I cut 1 foam heart and 1 card heart. The other I left intact for the base.

step four

Using my Love Story Stamp Set and my Barn Door ink pad, I stamped the sentiment onto the heart base card.

I lined up the centre of the heart on my craft mat and taped into place. This helped me line up my sentiment perfectly central when I was stamping.

step six

Next I took a sheet of clear acetate and cut another heart from it, using my Whimsy Stamps Heart Die. I trimmed off the scallop edges with my scissors.

step seven

I took my top card frame, and laid it face down, then I stuck my acetate on top.

step eight

Next I stuck my foam frame on top (face down.)

Once the wet glue was dry, I added my glitter and sequins.

step nine

Finally, I added my base piece (with the sentiment) and glued it face down, on top of the foam frame.

step ten

While the heart shaker was drying, I made up my base card. I used a piece of  Centura Pearlescent Cardstock for my base. Then I layered with plain black card, and my Echo Park Paper.

The heart frame border was cut and laid on top of the design paper.

3D frame

I stuck my shaker heart into the centre of my card.


Then I stuck my Knitting A Heart image onto of the heart and card base.  I used my 3D Glue Gel for added depth.

And that’s it! Nice and easy! Smiles.


Too see my teamies beautiful New Release creations (and to see all other new releases

as they arrive!) Just pop on over to the Crafty Sentiments Designs Inspiration Blog.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Hugs & Happy Crafting Everyone!


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