HOTH on Friday!!

Okay, so it isn’t technically  Friday.

And it isn’t technically  Crochet either so I know that it isn’t Hot Off The Hook! (Doh!.) :0)

But I wanted to show you this anyway!! Smiles.


I just love this Cowl so very much!!

It is soft and super warm and those purples!!! Perfect for perking up any winter’s day! ;0)


I created this beauty by weaving…

With my hands !!!

How cool is that?!  Big smiles.

Honestly I am so over the moon with how well this turned out I’m doing a little happy dance while I type.  (Okay so maybe a slight exaggeration there!)

Anyway, if you would love to own this for yourself just hop on over to my store.

I came across this wonderful CRAFT blog the other day, which kinda inspired me to give this new (to me) technique a go.  And I am so very glad that I did!  Smiles.

Big hugs n happy crafting everyone!


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