New Sister Earrings And Remembering Our Loved Ones Too!

Hello, hello, hello!

I honestly cannot believe how long it is since I posted here or updated my store. Shame on me. All I can say in my defence is that life has an awful habit of getting in the way sometimes. And for us, life has been very busy of late.

But! Here I am with some new additions to my Ear Candy collections. I hope that you like what I have created.

I have lots, lots more than what are in store, but with Craft Fair season in full swing at the moment, and other life issues needing to be dealt with, I haven’t had much time to upload pictures.

One of my best sellers at the fairs has been these beautiful Classic Shell earrings. They are a part of my shorties range, which means they don’t hang any longer than between a half inch to an inch (including Sterling Silver ear hook too.)

Classic Shells Sterling Silver Earrings

So for those of you who don’t like long danglies these are perfect! Smiles.

Starfish Sterling Silver Earrings

Another popular design had been these rather lovely Starfish. I just love the texture of these (and the shine!) 

Starfish Sterling Silver Earrings Hanging

Again the hooks are Sterling Silver.

Today, I also created these sweet little baby feet earrings for a delightful young lady called Kiera. She got a brand new sister 2 months ago (our new baby grandchild!! Smiles) and she requested a smaller version of the earrings I made for the new Mum.

New Sister Earrings Baby Feet

Aren’t these just adorable?! Tee hee.

Kiera wanted short earrings with a dark blue bead. So I chose these gorgeous Rondelle Glass Beads. They shimmer and sparkle so much, and when the light hits them they reflect different colours too.

Russian Doll Sterling Silver Earrings

Again, with my shorties range in mind, I created these sweet little Russian Doll Earrings. The hooks are Sterling Silver with a wire twist and tiny silver bead.

Russian Doll Sterling Silver Earrings Laid Flat

I have only one pair of these, so if you like them you had best be quick! If they sell online or at my craft fair, they will not be made again (unless I can source some more of the dolls which so far I have been unable to do.)

These are truly delightful to look at, and look gorgeous nestled in their little blue gift box. Smiles.

Turquoise and sterling silver butterfly earrings

These lovely butterfly earrings were inspired from a spiritual perspective.

I have long believed that if a butterfly lands on you or stays close to you, it is a loved one who has passed coming by to say hello. Or perhaps letting you know that everything is going to be okay.

Well today we had one fly into the house from an open doorway. It landed on me, and then flew around very close to me for a little while, before flying around the room once and leaving via the doorway again.

Turquoise and sterling silver butterfly earrings hanging

Whether or not you believe, all I can say is that I felt peaceful for the first time in a while.


I chose the colour Turquoise to go with them, because it is a very peaceful, spiritual colour and often can mean friendship too.

Those lovely faceted beads are complimented with Silver Daisy Spacer beads top and bottom. And I really do love how they turned out.

I have named them “Remembering Our Loved Ones.”

Again, I only have the one pair of these, so if you would like them please don’t hang about and risk missing out on them.

I hope you are all keeping well. It does feel so nice to have sat and put an actual blog post together again!

Now I just need to break out my pencils and try to remember how to colour something in! Tee hee.

Hugs & Happy Crafting Everyone!


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